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Great Sports For You

Here is a list of the top 25 great sports for you whether you be an arm chair critic or a participating athlete. The following list has been compiled taking into consideration their popularity worldwide through viewer numbers as well as participating player numbers.


Great sports for you most popular 25 sports to watch or participate in are:

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1. Soccer/Football
2. Basketball
3. Cricket
4. Tennis
5. Athletics
6. Rugby
7. Formula 1
8. Boxing
9. Ice Hockey

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10. Volleyball
11. Golf
12. Baseball
13. American Football
14. Mixed Martial Arts
15. MotoGP
16. Field Hockey
17. Badminton
18. Cycling
19. Swimming

20. Snooker
21. Table Tennis
22. Gymnastics
23. Handball
24. Wrestling
25. Skiing


Let’s face it all athletes and armchair athletes have dreamed of sporting success! What makes some athletes achieve fame and success in their sport while others struggle? Great Sports For You believes apart from physicality the other major factor is mental skills needed to achieve sporting success.

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Athletes develop the following nine mental skills to achieve success in their chosen sport:


1. Develop and maintain a positive attitude
– Realize that no one is perfect and learn from their mistakes.
– Treat each performance as a learning tool to enhance their sporting performance.
– Maintain a balanced life between sport and everyday living.
– Respect their sport, themselves, team mates, officials, coaches and fans.

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2. Maintain a high level of self motivation
– Keep in mind the rewards and benefits they expect to experience due to their participation in their chosen sport.
– Have the ability to keep motivated in their sport when results are stagnating or taking a different course than expected.
– Realize that participating in their chosen sport is what fulfills them the most.

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3. Set high realistic goals which are monitored to stay on course
– Set goals that are realistic, time oriented and measurable for both short term and long term goals. Each long term goal is broken into short term goals so as to monitor progress to the end goal.
– Are aware of current fitness level and develop specific and detailed plans to achieve their fitness goals.
– Are committed to achieving their goals by carrying out daily training programs.

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– Have the ability to set goals for a balanced life including social interaction and diet.
– Develop strong time management skills to achieve their sports and
other personal goals.


4. Deal effectively with people
– The ability to deal with difficult opponents and when in a position of conflict.
– Realize they are part of a large support system which includes teammates, coaches, friends and family.

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– Have the ability to communicate their thoughts, feelings and needs to their support system in a positive manner and have the ability to listen to constructive criticism.


5. Talk positively to themselves and others
– Keep teammates morale high by using positive language to support and encourage.
– Keep their spirits high through positive self-talk especially when times are difficult.

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6. Positive visualization
– Prepare for competition by visualizing themselves being successful in
their chosen sport by stepping through the steps needed to be taken to
achieve their goal.
– Create and use detailed, specific and realistic mental images.
– Continue visualization throughout competition to recover from errors,
poor performance and strategy planning.

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7. Manage sports performance anxiety
– Understand that anxiety is part of participating in sport.
– Have the tools to reduce their anxiety level when necessary.


8. Keep control of their emotions
– Have the ability to acknowledge that sport participation stirs up emotions such as excitement, anger, frustration and disappointment.
– Have the ability to control these emotions so as not to adversely affect their sporting performance.

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9. Maintain focus
– Have the ability to resist distraction either from themselves or their sporting environment.
– During sport participation have the capability to refocus and regain concentration when distraction occurs.
– Understand their sport and know what to maintain focus on.
– Maintain focus on what is happening now and not events of the past or anticipated future events.


The above mental skills are essential for elite athletes to achieve success in their chosen sport. These mental skills are then taken from their sporting career when they can no longer physically participate in their sport into their career life. A sporting career teaches you mental strength, time management, organizational skills, people skills, personal presentation and conduct, goal planning and discipline to achieve goals along with the ability to have positive personal and business relationships.


Author:  Diane Klem-Goode


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