Get Fit While Having Fun: Great Sports for You For Fun and Exercise

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Get Fit While Having Fun: Great Sports for Fun and Exercise

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History would show that sports have been in existence as early as 4000 B.C. Artifacts and monuments depicted gymnastics, swimming and wrestling as already popular at the time, but many of these great sports for fun and exercise, as we know them today, were actually used for the training and development of warfare skills

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during earlier times. Because physical strength and fitness was a necessity, especially during an era when hunting and gathering was the way of life, the tools and the activities that were invented laid the foundation for many of the ancient and modern sports. And from being a necessity in wildlife survival, sports evolved into a necessity in the enhancement of combat skills.

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With the progress of nations and the development of economies, people and society were able to have more free time, with which they indulged themselves with different recreational activities. More and more people participated in a variety of great sports for fun and exercise.

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Three sports that existed for occupational
purposes in the ancient times, which are now popular recreational activities, are: swimming, running and rowing. Back then, knowing how to

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swim well and run fast were important if one wanted to survive; after all, those two are necessary skills for escape. Skills in rowing were essential for warfare, travel and commerce. Nowadays, these three sports are thoroughly enjoyed for their contributions to health and recreation.

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To say that the United States is no stranger to sports is an understatement. In fact, three of the most popular team sports today originated from the US; namely, basketball, baseball, and American football. Basketball was invented in 1891 and ranks after baseball as America’s all-time favorite sport. Baseball had its beginnings in Massachusetts in the year 1791.

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American football was developed in the 19th century by the Father of American Football, Walter Camp, as a result of some modifications made on rugby. There are those who participate actively in these group sports and even those who ‘participate’ merely as spectators have tremendous fun.
The most popular individual sports, enjoyed not only by Americans but by a great number of people all over the world, are tennis, golf, cycling, track and field, swimming, and surfing, to name a few. There are a lot of other great sports for fun and exercise that one can choose from. And you would surely want to engage in sports now because these days, popular lifestyle is becoming more and more sedentary. The reality is that sports and exercise just might become what it was initially designed for survival, if the multiple health risks of inactivity are any indication. Still, nobody ever said that you can’t get fit and have fun at the same time.  Great sports for you are the sports that you enjoy watching or participating in.


By Lydia Quinn


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