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Water Sports For Everyone

Water sports are a popular past time for many Americans. From parasailing and surfing, to water skiing and tubing, there are water sports that range from challenging and thrilling to simple and relaxing. No matter what your personality and activity level, there’s a water sport for you.

The ocean is a great place to play. Most people think of surfing when they think about ocean water sports, but parasailing is a fun and exciting way to spend some time at the beach and view the scenery. Catamarans and wave boards take the connection between wind, body
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and wave to a whole new level for those who can’t quite get the hang of surfing. Riding on a jetski, especially in choppy water, lets you get in on some racing competition while you outrun the wind. For those who are more interested in what lives under the water, snorkeling and diving offer a view of the world that can not be experienced any other way.

The river wild is the place to be for some people. Kayaking, for those who like to go it alone, and white water rafting are a truly raucous and enjoyable time. The same river can offer different grades of rapids and thrills depending where on the

river your trip takes you. Many trips can even be extended into overnight trips, with a combination of rough and smooth water action throughout the day and camping with a bonfire at night. Tubing can be fun for the family and can combine some mild rapids with an enjoyable float in the sun with a cold drink.

Canoeing on a calm, but scenic, river or lake lets you get a view of wildlife at its most relaxed and natural. Of course, a stop at a great fishing hole can be a little slice of heaven. So can a visit to the lakeside beach for some play and swimming relay races, as well as just floating around. Of course, nothing beats plashing in a puddle when you’re feeling a little bit silly or a trip to the pool on a hot summer day.

So, the next time you find yourself at the beach, on the river, by the lake or at the pool, get in the water, let yourself go and have some fun. There’s plenty to do!


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